Erotic Art


KinkyJimmy's Hermaphrodite Art

Ahh, first I got to view that amazing artwork of Kinky Girls and now, Kinky Jimmy gives us a whole new field to explore! This artist never fails to deliver and neither should you! Go on in there with me and we'll have a bit of fun and enjoyment of the more sensual kind. What? You aren't sure? Really? But I'll be there and certainly this artist delivers. And I do mean, he delivers! It's racy and colorful and full of, well, naughty things.

These women, they pack a punch, the drawings are fantastic and you can just feel their pain, their wanton desires and the couplings of one sex mixed with another are simply scandalous! Trust me when I say, you'll get lost in the stories told and the clean lines that expand not only on the emotions of the moment, but every dip and curve and the shadow of their desires. Oh my, I'm getting a bit warm. Maybe I should take my hair ribbons out to cool off? Could you help me with that? Who am I? WHO am I? Oh my, did I forget to introduce myself? I'm Candice of course! Don't be so shy next time to ask! I love to stroll around these erotic sites when Mr. Stormbringer isn't keeping me busy of course! Now go on, there's so much inside to see and we have plenty of time to stop, look, feel... oh! Not that! At least, not right now! Naughty!


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